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toolimit using yoor stove or oven... and take a cool shower... that'll make the peoole arounn you happier too. morning news. it's been a eek since powerful storms swept through region...leavvng behinn fallen debris, damage...and causing thousands to go without power. as oo riiht now, b-g-e say they've restored power to almost 700-thousand people.but manyyare will without power, morning.herres a look at the latest power outageenumbers at this hhur:according to b-g-e's website... total...anne aruudel county...baltimore ciiy... baltimore county... ccrroll county... howard county... 3&the heat wave and the power problems are a daageroussmix for people with hhalth least eight people have died - from heat-relaaed illnesses.... phree of them in baltimore city its especially pifficult foo those with respirattry problems. 3 and kinda wheezing like. i've got a wheezing tting. that lets me know its time to get on to my machine." machine." been without powwr for six as - use hee breathing device. crees bbgan workinggin hee catonnville neighborhoodd thursddy afternoon.. but, soo far... n
use it in an identity theft in the future. >> cases have been reported in the least a dozen states in the country including right here in maryland. b.g.e. officials are taking stock of its performance after the storms last week. there's a lot to be learned from these last two weeks. >> we will be looking at the network and where are their danger trees, trees that are perhaps leaning in a bad position or limbs that may be broken and they come down on our lines. >> there could be more severe weather during the summer. >> sent by opening insights into what remains -- some by opening insights into what remains. kim dacey has more. >> today the department of public works will start making some system flow adjustments to protect the city water supply. in march, they discovered the potential break in the line in southwest baltimore. using high-tech equipment like the pipe diver and the special optical cable, now the dpw has to replace three sections of the 54-inch main. because of that, citizens are being asked to conserve water. >> please refrain from outside watering, car washing, power
to the special interests, it's up to you. >> opening day of the olympics and the u.s. makes a splash. we have highlights from all the competition. baltimore fans tell us what it is like to watch michael phelps battle it out with ryan lochte. those stories and a forecast for sunday and the start of the workweek. >> live, local, late breaking. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> thank you for staying up with us. the u.s. begins the olympics with a bang. five medals on day one that there was disappointment when michael phelps did not make the top three. traci has the results from olympic park. >> and the so-called pool dual, lochte won the individual medley by a full three seconds. >> i am so happy. i had my family cheering for me. >> michael phelps barely qualified then ended up fourth, his worst since he was a teenager. >> the biggest thing is putting this behind me. >> he had six more chances and become the world's most decorated olympian. in the women's four hundred meter, elizabeth came in second, repr
reportedly been used in areas to the city's south. committee of the red cross to join the united nations in describing the conflict in syria as a civil war. the red cross had previously kept its assessment to a handful of flashpoint areas, but now says the violence is nationwide. the observer mission meanwhile has confirmed heavy weaponry was used last week in the village of tremseh, where pro-assad forces were accused of massacring more than 100 civilians. u.n. spokesperson announced the observers' findings earlier today. >> our observers confirmed the use of direct and indirect weapons including artillery and mortar shells and small arms. counts of 27 eyewitnesses' we interviewed, the consistent accounts indicated the attacks were 5:00 in the morning by shelling and ground forces. >> the al-assad regime has denied carrying out a massacre in tremseh, claiming it killed anti-government rebels. the an arab league peace envoy kofi annan is headed to moscow for talks on a new security council response to the ongoing violence in syria. deputyng in lebanon, dietar secretary state william burn
, after an extensive study in march using high-tech equipment that uncovered a new problem. using high-tech equipment like the type diver at optical cables, inspectors found a potential outbreak in southwest baltimore in march. >> due to the proactive work of the baltimore city department of public works, we have gotten ahead of a potentially serious matter. >> most of the large water main breaks were caused by a stressed pipes sold to the nation for decades ago. dpw will begin adjustments. they will adjust 3 16-inch sections of the 54-inch main. >> please refrain from outside watering, car washing, until after sunset or during the early morning hours. please do not wash clothes or dishes or do non-essential indoor cleaning using water until late in the evenings or early morning trade used clothes washers or dishwashers only with full loads. we're asking that you remember that short showers use less water than filling a tub. >> dpw says there is a chance that water service could be interrupted, but using the conservation tips will reduce that chance. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 as. >> offici
this issmy first trip to manhatttn nevvr drove a us there iiaaways drove myself for reason's like this. &p3 :46 they told her shh coulln't leave anyone behind but then sse refused tooleave at all.. so when tthy lefttshh actually got off the bus and said she wasn't driving ny longer and us anywhere so we were all stranded in new jersey at a resttarea for 3 31/22hours 1:02 megabus managers tell us they are lookkng into the incident but bleive the driver did nothing wroong. joy lepola fox 45 newssat 5:00. a.... planee crash... in... montgomeryy county... leaves ...one person dead.../ another injured. injurrd.it... &phappened monday... n laytons-vvlle... just... north oo gaithhrsburg.../.the.. plane... went doon . near... davis . 3 airport.../. it's... craah.../.the.. f-a-a... is investigating. tte ...bbdd... of a miissng... edgewood man... has been recovered... from the watee... in... bush river, harford countt..../ the... 35 yar old victim.... hoou.. zar-a-vong...//. police say... the ssimming with a friend... near aberdeen. .../ p his... frienddwas rescu
. >>> welcome. i'm bob abernethy. it's good to have you with us. religious groups are among those expressing sorrow and outrage over the shooting massacre at a colorado movie theater on friday. president obama called for a day of prayer and reflection for the victims and their families. in other news, as the international community continued to wrestle over a response to the growing violence in syria, religious leaders intensified their calls for more humanitarian aid and an end to the crisis. a catholic archbishop inside syria urged world leaders to "speak with one voice" in order to bring about peace. meanwhile, the united nations says the number of syrian refugees has nearly tripled since april to more than 100,000. u.s. civil rights groups this week filed a federal lawsuit challenging an unmanned drone attack that killed three american citizens in yemen last october. extremist cleric an war al awlaki, his son and samir khan, a propagandist for al qaeda were all killed in the american drone strike. the u.s. says the mission was part of the war against terror. but the civil rights groups s
through our region. the entire area remains under a thunderstorm watch. thanks for joining us at 6 i am will thomas. let's get right to it. gwen tolbart is in the weather center tracking the storms. >> it has been a very busy afternoon will. the storms started firing up into the early afternoon hours, areas to the northwest and have become fairly widespread as the system pushes through to the south and southeast. let's begin with a look at radar all centered around that frontal system you see there, that system being the trigger for everything happening coming into our warm, humid air mass across the region, causing things to fire up. we have a severe thunderstorm watch for the entire viewing area, in effect until 10. let's go to sentinel radarrings on max one for you here, you can see we have a little bit of an area to the south, just seems to be now like it is really firing up a lot. a little bit of upper level rotation, that definitely is worth watching and then as we take a closer look towards the northeast, we are talking about areas that definitely have hail alert s with them and
. >> joining us now is rob from b.g.e. with the latest on the power outages. good morning. at least check, we had 320,000 people. >> we're below 314,000 and maybe lower at this point. we've restored well over a quarter of a million customers so we're making progress but i don't think we should be feeling that great about the fact that that many has been restored and get comfortable with that because the reality is this restoration effort is going to go deep into this week but the emphasis on the word deep. >> and what people need to keep in mind is they may be seeing progress and they're seeing the numbers drop but pretty soon, it's going to be fewer and fewer people each day that get their lights back on. >> if you think about what happened during hurricane irene, in that instance, we had made significant progress by day two or three, we had restored about 70% of the customers. then we got into the individual outages and that just takes a lot of work and the problem is here, all of us did not expect this type of storm and so the utilities we would normally reach to were also affected and we
joy... can you tell us if police are saying anything more about a motive at this point. thank you joy.we'll speak with you again in about 20 minutes for an update on this developing story. the... ripken... released.. this statement: as... you...know,.../ our... mother... was abducted... at gunpoint... from her home... tuesday morning..../this... has... been a very trying time... for... our family,../. but... we're... grateful... and relieved... that... mom... is back with us,.../ safe and / healthy..../we... want... to thank everyone... for their tremendous support, .../ especially... all... the law enforcement agencies... that ...worked so hard and quickly.../.this... is... an... ongoing investigation, .../ so... we hope ...everyone understands ... we... cannot comment ...further at this time.../. thank you." police are asking anyone who has information on the abduction of vi ripken or if you think you saw that silver lincoln continental driving around.....you are asked to call 410 272-2121. and you can be the first to know about breaking news by signing up f
. the humidity is not at an extreme level and the rain is to the south of us. is see some in pennsylvania and new jersey. the real showers are in extreme southern maryland and the lower eastern shore. than we didre sun yesterday. we're starting the morning off in great shape. no rain. we will check the traffic with sarah. >> we're glad to report that. in the city we have some fire department activity near orleans. maybe some lane closures with fire equipment in the way. speeds around 67 on the north side over towards the harrisburg expressway. around 62 as you travel on the west side towards 70. no delays on 70 in towards the beltway. five minutes on southbound 95 down towards the fort mchenry. eight minutes on southbound 95 towards the harbor tunnel. here's a quick live look at traffic. an update on 50. checking out fine to and from the annapolis region. traffic on the north side. out of traffic is moving without delay towards the west side. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> some eye opening insights. calls for water conservation. >> kim dacey joins us live. there are any breaks in the
night, we had some again last night, they forced u.s. capitol police to evacuate the west lawn of the capitol identify short time. rehearsals were being held for tonight's capitol 4th concert. thins started back up again shortly after 10:30. >>> if you plan to head out to the mall for tonight's july 4th celebration, your bet bet is to make metro. if you are driving though, keep in mind, there are lots of road closures and parking restrictions. there is a full list on myfoxdc.com under web links. >>> time to get the latest on the weather. can you believe who we have sitting next to us. >> it has been a while. >> tony perkins. >> see if we can get this done in a rather smooth manner. >> i'm sure we can. >> tucker is on his way to nationals park. he will be there broadcasting later on in the show. of a got the weather duty. and tell you about a for you la today too. so we'll watch the skies, keep our fingers crossed. let's start with hd radar. we can show you what is happening out there as we speak. we do have some showers up to the north. they're really breaking autopsies the mor
on this friday. it's friday the 13th. hope you are not too superstition. good morning. >> thanks for joining us. lauren cook has a check on traffic and lynette with weather. it was so nice out yesterday. >> it was. it was amazing out there. did you enjoy? >> absolutely. >> it's my -- it's my convertible top down. >> that's the way to do it. she knows how to rock. let's show you what's going on. maryland's most powerful radar is dry across here but we can see back off towards the west around wind chest erin further into west virginia and virginia we are starting to deal with a few showers across this area. been here all morning and heaviest rain to the north of beckly right now and all this is sliding off toward the north and east. some of it could get in here going through the rest of the morning and afternoon. i will keep my eye on that. take the rain gear with you in case to be prepared but we have lots of clouds out there as well. with the clouds temperatures have been kept up this morning. bowie at 68. chestertown more of the same denton at 68 dedegrees. let's check of the abc2 timesaver tr
a past war against each other, but our shared future will continue to make the u.s. and the uk the lands of the free and the home of the brave for centuries to come. >> now, if you would all rise for the morgan university choir and the u.s. navy band and our national anthem. ♪ o say, can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? ♪ ♪ and the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ >>> now, ladies and gentlemen the president of the united states. >> it's my great pleasure to join you in commemorating the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812. this is an important anniversary for the united states, the united kingdom and canada. i want to thank all of you, especially my friends governo
. the food and drug administration has officially banned using b-p-a in certain baby produccs. products.b-p-a is a chemical used in many products... including cans and clear plastic bottles.f-d-a regulations now prohibit the use of b-p-a in making baby bottles, sippy cups and cans containing infant formula.most manufacturers have already stopped using b-p-a in baby products over concerns aaout health problems linned to the chemical. for thh second time since june... the f-d-a approves a new rescription diet drug. it's called qsymia ... and patienns who took it in clinical trials... lost an average of 23 pounds.the drug is recommended for obese patients... with a b-m-i over 27 and who also have other weight-relaaed health issues. "belviq" wws the other drug approved by the f-d-a this yeer. a controversial street name in howard county... may soon be changing.the street in the oakland mills village is called "coon hunt courr."a name some call racially offfnsive.now the howard county department of planning and zoning will meet in september... to talk about changing the name to april wind
. >> knowing that your positive, they're going to shame you, discriminate against u.s. and so forth, so people shy away. >> all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!," democracynow.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. samangan of forces are continuing their bombardment of the city of aleppo ahead of a widely expected all-out assault to uproot rebel fighters. hundreds of troops are said to have massed on the city's outskirts as syrian gunships pound several neighborhoods. rebel forces have launched attacks on army checkpoints around the city. a number of people were reported dead in clashes on thursday, the exact amount is impossible to verify. in washington, state department spokesperson victoria nuland said the u.s. fears a new massacre in aleppo will occur. >> the concern is we will see a massacre in aleppo, and that is what the regime appears to be lining up for. aleppo, as you said, has been bombarded by syrian fighter jets. it is the latest desperate effort of the al-assad regime to hold on to control. there are credible reports of tanks prepared to attack the cit
and natalie morales. al is at the residence of the u.s. ambassador here in london. a little later this morning he's going to be talking to our first lady michelle obama. we're going to check in with him a little later on. meanwhile, what do you think of our digs. >> amazing. >> only more exciting. the park is actually closed right now to the public. we expect there will be crowds lining up behind us for the next couple of weeks. you're starting to really feel the excitement in the air. >> a great location. you know what's behind us there. you get the lay of the land. that big white thing there, that is savannah's trailer, better known as the olympic stadium. the observation tower, the aquatic center. >> amazing chlgt you ask. >> you asked me to store your hair and makeup. >> we're going to spend a lot of time in these places. >> the pomp and pageantry under way. the famous big ben chimed nonstop for three minutes to celebrate the first official day of the olympics. right now a big crowd is at tower bridge awaiting the olympic torch to sail by on the queen's barge. whose hands will it be in? ma
approaching baltimore. most of the activity has been south of us and to the west of us, but again we have a chance for some active weather this evening because it has been so hot and muggy. now tonight expecting partly cloudy conditions, still muggy with some isolated thunderstorms, some strong or severe, temperatures falling to the 70s. we'll talk more about the heat and bigger storms a little bit later. back to you. >>> life just is not getting easier for people who still don't have electricity. six days without power is really taking its toll. peggy fox is live in arlington now with more. peg? >> reporter: well, i tell you what, this neighborhood is lucky they just got their power back on. power crews from ontario left about 45 minutes ago and everybody around here had a big smile. let me tell you it's been a rough six days. a cluster of homes here on kenmore street in clarendon have had to do without. they've been using coolers and ice to keep a small amount of food cold. they've been shutting cartons during the day and opening windows at night. this woman was prepared with her batte
significant impact on this country, and left us a large legacy. i can just sort of recite some of the things that he did. but even that wouldn't even touch in any way the fullness and the breadth of his impact on late 19th century america. again, most of us know he served five terms in congress. he served in the south carolina senate. he served in the south carolina house. and, of course, he was the collector of customs for the port of buford. but beyond those things, he provides us with sort of an understanding and a way of reinterpreting reconstruction, a way of reinterpreting the civil rights movement. now -- so he sort of brings together those two fields. you heard dr. powers allude to his being sort of the precursor to the second reconstruction because of what he did in the 19th century. well, let me start this way by talking about reconstruction and robert smalls' a role in it. you'll see how these two things come together in terms of how he has influenced american historiography. in 1909, w.e.b. dubois spoke before the american historical association in new york city. he did a present
. the response they need from you. it's wednesday july 18th. thanks for joining us. a lot to talk about and one thing that's been consistent is the heat. and mike, i know a lot of people are saying it's just too hot to do anything right now. >> today is going to be a brutally hot day. heat and humidity and it's in the 100. i want to show you a shot that is a hot sun. the sun is who the but it's a hot looking shot at this hour. and we will be talking about our temperatures soaring into the 80s and 90s and hitting 100 later today. clicking my graphics and let's look -- clicking my graphics and let's show outtemperatures across the area and -- you the temperatures across the area. hot mornings starting out. 85 in the inner harbor and heat indexes ranges between 84 to 86 and again we will be talkingthis excessive heat advisory between 11 in the morning right up until 9 at night. in fact we will advance the graphics and show you everybody involved in the heat advisory. it's a heat warning as you head towards philadelphia. and we will move it along towards maryland's most powerful radar because take
in u.s. history. >> 12 dead at close to 60 others were injured. >> good morning . the theater where the mass murder took place remains close. it could be months before the trial begins. yesterday the public had a chance to look of the alleged killer face to face. the makeshift memorial keeps growing across from the theater today after a brief hearing to read james holmes his rights. the accused mass murderer seemed dazed as family members of some of the victims sat nearby. >> he does look fairly demotic something like that. his eyes are kind of crazy looking. there's something wrong with that man. >> holmes recently dropped out of grant school. he spent thousands of dollars on weapons and ammunition and dressed up like a batman character and open fire on this theater. 10 were dead in the theater and two died later. among them were jessica. >> we were awakened by the most horrific scream i have ever heard in my life. >> the victims range in age from 6 to 51. there are many stories of heroism. her friend saved her life. they made it out alive. >> we were waiting there literally in the
found safe. safe.we have been following the developments here on fox45 since police told us violet ripken was missing early this m. morning.tom rodgers is here now with how this whole story unfolded this morning... plus today's other top stories.tom? good morning guys, guys,74-year old violet ripken... the mother of the ironman... is alive and well. we got off the phone with aberdeen police just about 15 minutes ago.they say she is back home and with family right now ... after she was found in harford county this morning.mrs. ripken does live in aberdeen... and until just a couple hours ago... had not been seen since last night... around 8:15 in the ebenezer road area of essex.police say she doesn't have a record of health issues but she was evaluated by a medical crew. right now it is still not known if it was all just a misunderstanding... police are not releasing much information... as this is still an active investigation. active this is still an active investigation. we will continue to keep in contact with police and bring you the very latest throughout our newscast this morn
on generator power. residents are asked to use water only for essential purposes. the restrictions may be in effect until monday. baltimore officials are asking residents to use water wisely so that water tends can refill because of downed trees, all electric fields to the puppy station have been impacted. >> one of the things we are encouraging everyone to do is to continue conserving through this sea waves. even though our reservoirs are in excellent condition, they are virtually filled. it takes a lot of energy, it takes a lot of work at the pumps to produce massive quantities of water. >> avoid filling up pulls and avoiding power washers. at least two deaths in maryland are blamed on the storm, both by falling trees. >> a tree apparently killed a 71-shulman in her bed. kevin o'brien was pronounced dead at the scene. two passengers were treated for minor injuries. crews are surge in the water 50 nautical miles south of annapolis for one person whose fishing boat capsized early this morning. maryland is just one of several states on the receiving end that the severe storm has impacte
apartment...///. weapons... that officers... say... he... planned to use... to... carry out... a mass shooting...//. prescott... became... a person of interest... after... he... phoned... in threats... at his former workplace...///. but... charges... have not been filed..../ legal... experts say... that's because... the government is being careful. 34:04 to make sure they bring the right charges and most provable charges. the last thing you want to do is bring charges and not have it stick in a case like this. so i think the prosecutor is working closely with the police both at the state and federal level to decide what charges are appropriate what they can prove and it's not a that clear in a case like this 3 :23 attorney's and psychologists... agree ... the... next couple of days... are going to play a key role... in... how this case is handled...//. tonight... prescott continues... to undergo... a mental evaluation. 3 in... his... second court appearance.../ accused... shooter ...james holmes... faced... formal charges today... in... the... colorado... m
encouraged to use mass transit and you are looking live at the scene. repairs are underway. you can take mlk or franklin street as an alternate. linda so will bring you a live report on when the repairs will be finished coming up in few minutes. more problems on 695 where there's crash blocking two lanes at the inner loop at peninsula expressway. and here's what the west side looks like at old court road. all is clear here traffic picking up in the outer loop but nothing of significance. that's a look at your abc timesaver traffic over to you. >>> back to the breaking news out of toronto canada we brought you on abc2news.com and this morning at 4:30. we are expecting to learn more about a shooting that left two dead and 19 others injured. about three hours ago. the press conference will be in three hours. that's when the police will address the media. now here's what we know so far this morning. two people killed were a teenage girl and a 20-year-old man. they were hit when gunfire erupted at crowded block party on the city's east side in toronto. >> it was an altercation that took place wit
. >> it's not me, i'm representing the u.s. it's a different feeling. if you win, they raise the flag and play the anthem and stuff. it's you forric. >> reporter: it always ends with a hand shake. >> news edge at 11:00 starts now. >>> the edge begins in virginia tonight, where police are still searching for a killer. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas. arlington police say 52-year- old tommy wong was murdered inside capital jewelers friday afternoon during an armed robbery. they found his body yesterday after family members say he never came home from work. police aren't saying how he died, but have released photos of the suspect taken from security cameras. >> i hope they find him -- >> turn him in. >> could have taken what he needed from us and left our father alone. i wish that was the case. i'll give everything in the world to have him there. >> a source familiar with the investigation says the security video did capture the actual murder of wong. arlington police have gotten tips from the photos, but so far, no arrest. >>> u.s. park police have released a sketch of a man wanted
. >> this is the best place for us to make sure they have everything they need to go out on site. >> reporter: laundry and a mess hall. a thousand crews are here as big as this is, it's duplicate is out in the middle river. >> today is one of our biggest days where we have every single crew here in place. >> reporter: bge uses no larger distribution table than this, 32,000-volts, 11 snapped poles are tackled by an 11 man work crew. >> i don't know what they call it here, back home we call it overhead twisted cable. it's on the ground. >> reporter: your area may have told you days not from around here. he's 68 years old and retired once and looks forward to these massive restoration jobs. >> this is work we love to do and when somebody needs help we're happy to help. i don't come down here to chase money. we come down because we feel we have an obligation to our profession and nobody else can do it. >> reporter: bge couldn't say how many customers will be restored. guest welcome to summer in maryland. >> it's hot for us. we're used to it. we workout doors every day 365 days a year. i'll take the heat o
reportedly used during the shooting rampage. devices like tear-gas canisters and pepper spray grenades are not meant for civilians. law enforcement uses them for crowd control. authorities warned they could be dangerous in the wrong hands. >> it causes burning of the skin and eyes, closing of the eyes. respiratory issues. nose would be running. they would be coughing, gagging and choking. >> as far as the colorado attack goes, it is not clear what smoke device is the suspect used or where he got them. president obama has ordered all u.s. flags lowered to half staff as a sign of respect for the victims. flags at the white house and military installations will remain at half staff until sunset next wednesday. a people were injured and taken to area hospitals after a four wheeler tipped over. it happened after 10:00 p.m. this evening. baltimore county police are investigating the accident. police in carroll county are investigating a multi built a car crash this evening in mt. airy. if an accident happened at the intersection of route 27 and south main street before 7:00 p.m. there were m
a million people still without power in the eastern u.s. at an american apology to pakistan helps to ease the burden on troops in the region. >>> i'm jeff glor. a jetblue pilot who caused a mid flight -- is found not guilty by reason of insanity. >>> first as we do every morning, we begin with a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> it's a huge mess. >> utility crews scramble. >>> people still have no power. >> as heat bakes the nation. >> heat advisories for the fourth of july holidays. >> feeling like 100 degrees. >> it's 104 in the shade right now. >> you stay inside. >> it's a hardship. >> breaking news overnight. a fast moving wildfire is burning in rural ranchland north of los angeles. >> in colorado air force tanker planes are back in the air to fight a slew of dangerous wildfires. >> you don't get much better than that. >>> a dozen people were injured in an accident in new hampshire. fireworks set a deck on fire filling a crowded home with flames. >> when the fireworks exploded it took off the porch and a portion of the house. >>> they u
to go into detail on his condition. he does not owe us too much of an explanation. >> cenk: i couldn't disagree more. does anyone in the country believe that it's really execs exhaustion. >> i'm excited that the media is covering a missing black person. this is groundbreaking. all right? this is not a young attractive white girl. it's amazing. >> cenk: fair enough. >> generally i tend to side on the side of privacy even if you are a public official. he has been gone. exhaustion is not enough detail. even if we don't know what it is he's out for, we need to know if this is a flu, are you going to be back in a couple of weeks or are you terminally ill. >> cenk: we just got breaking news and it's only fox news. but they're reporting that the jackson family has been saying that it's a moodies order. i don't know what that means either. >> it means that something is wrong with us and it's really not our business right now. okay jesse jackson, you have to come back in if you're losing your mind, say it on the floor of the congress. calm down. he's still a human being. like i said, it's bee
for the others. >>> a bridge connecting canada and the u.s. was shut down for hours because of a bomb threat. >> it is one of the busiest bridges linking the united states to on tare o. sarah. >> police say someone called 911 and warned a bomb would go off on the ambassador bridge in detroit. >> the canadian authorities shut down the bridge on their side. at that time it was collaboration between the customs, u.s. customs along with several other agencies here and the decision was made to actually shut down this side as well. >> police set up several roadblocks near the bridge, where k-9 units were called in. coast guard teams were also on hand patrolling the river underneath the bridge. it led to major traffic backups. >> inconvenienced. sit here five hours, six hours maybe, so they can get things cleared up. check on every inch of the bridge, i guess. >> along with the bridge search, investigators are trying to track down where the 911 call was made. >> this call did come from the u.s. side and we are definitely following up on the information that we have so far utilizing our intell cente
is restored. we have rob gold from b.g.e. joining us on the phone. i know you guys are making progress. i've seen it myself. the routes are back on on route 140 yesterday, what is the situation this morning? >> we have making progress. we have over 600 out-of-state utility workers that are coming en route to us and they'll be augmenting the fight. the problem really was as was the case with irene or any other storm that is the nature of this damage, it's taking manpower to get out there, cut away the trees, understand what you have and get the lights and power back on by restoring all of the pieces of equipment that keep our service on on a regular basis. >> you guys know it's hot so you're working as fast as you can. >> well, we are. the problem is, though, i think -- think about society. our expectations have all changed. and we want our power back on now. and i think people forget very quickly the sound of that storm as it rolled through, the feeling of the house shaking. this was violent. and the reality is it took a lot of toll on our system and not just our system. this was the en
members, including russia, to join us in a serious resolution that gives special envoy kofi annan what he needs. >> more than 100 people were killed on thursday when a gasoline tanker crashed and exploded in nigeria's niger delta. many of the victims lost their lives as they try to scoop up the tanker's oil as a leak on the ground. an exhaustive independent probe has concluded top officials at penn state university -- including legendary football coach joe paterno -- covered up sexual molestation allegations against an assistant coach 14 years before they finally came to light. the seven-month investigation reveals paterno, school president graham spanier, and other school officials were aware former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky was accused of child molestation as early as 1998, or were only concerned with protecting the school's image. the report concludes that a "culture of reverence for the football program" at the school led to a cover-up that "failed to protect against a child sexual predator harming children for over a decade." sandusky was finally arrested las
us for 11 news today. >> another pleasant morning. .> we're on summer right now it is summer. >> you say we could simmer down. >> today we are cooling off this morning. temperatures have dropped another degree. down to 70 downtown. the humidity will drop by 10:00 a.m. this morning. the barometer is showing a rising tendency. 77 at the science center and that is down from an hour ago. 74% the humidity. the high barometer looks like a good forecast today. let's check out the traffic right now. >> good morning. one problem in at windsor mill. old court road at carleton lane, police are reporting to an accident. 66 on 70 moving in from 32 towards the beltway. problem free as we traveled south on 95 towards 100. 11 minutes on the outer loop northeast side. eight minutes to travel on 895 from the 95 merged down to the harbor tunnel tolls. here's a quick live look at traffic. we should see some delays but a nice start as you travel from 795 to the west side. this is the j.f.x. at coldspring lane. problem free from the beltway all the way into town. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >>
could really use your support. >> and the sunday hours for artscape are 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. >> congressman elijah cummings has been awarded for his work on a paper route more than 50 years ago. the afro-american newspaper recognized congressman cummings and several other former paperboys and girls during its 120th anniversary celebration. the paper is the longest running african-american family-owned newspaper in the nation. cummings delivered papers for the publication from 1960 to 1964. >> did many things, prepared me for this moment. >> the awards breakfast was held at the reginald f. lewis museum and attended by former congressman and ncaa president mfume and anthony brown. >> here on tv hill, with the olympics five days away, will all eyes be on olympic gold medalist and baltimore's own michael phelps? of course, we'll check in live with his family straight ahead. >> the national aquarium will be here in studio with some very -- oh, boy, i have to touch those guys? special guests. we'll see about that. >> be bold! >> those were the animals that i got to deal with
. with the games and olympic fever officially start today. in just about an hour, the u.s. women's soccer team will kick off competition. you're looking at their gold medal win from the beijing olympics. this year their third straight gold. they begin their quest against france. you can catch their first match live on nbc sports network at noon today. >>> then tonight is the final rehearsal for london's spectacular opening ceremony, but the show's director is begging spectators to stay tight lipped about what is on that show. director danny boyle is making a personal plea for fans to keep e quiet. started a hash tag on twitter keep the surprise. a british countryside complete with live goats, sheep and even sheep dogs. remember nbc 4 is your home for the summer games and you can keep up with the comtitian any time on the 2012 section on nbcwashington.com. >>> a look at the weather now and a short break from the heat. storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us with a full forecast. sure feels nice, tom. >> i would like to award a gold medal to this day today. it is absolutely gorgeous. a perfec
of the tragic shooting in aurora, colorado as officials try to figure out if the alleged gunman used taxpayer money, intended for his education, to fund his rampage. >>> a killer whale attacking his trainer in 2006. a man dragged by his foot and held under water. incredibly he survived. we'll tell you why these images just released. >>> team "today" in the uk. with opening ceremonies a few days away we've all made our way to london today, july 25th, 2012. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," countdown to the olympic games with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from olympic games with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from london, england. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. my third day here in london during the buildup to the summer olympic games. we're standing here at the tower of london. behind me the famed tower bridge with the olympic ring hanging beneath it as this city gets prepared to welcome the world here in just a couple of days. now, savann
represent us and his death. his name was pray, a lovely name which i feel embodies the current status of the equal rights. i doubt the city commission realizes how betrayed assam franciscans feel by the name of anti pelosi. how about someone who died in a secret prison. she knew about the secret prisons and covered up. as far as aids go, its sources in question. nancy pelosi did support the repeal of don't ask, don't tell, on the same day as obama brought this up, i believe it was cheney, enter poll received an arrest warrant on him and that did not make the front cover. thank you. >> we get the general thrust of your comments and we appreciate them. >> [reading names] >> it good morning, commissioners. thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to speak on this issue and thank you for your work. having been a commissioner, i know what you do, so thank you. i am the director of the mission language and vocational school. i have served for many years as president and on the school board. commissioner, i am before you to ask you to support and take the resolution and waive the wa
of the higher the rain, a little cooler. most of us sweltering in to the evening, sweltering tomorrow. temperatures now, pushing 100. not quite getting there in baltimore. 99bwi. downtown hotter, we cooked our weather observation stage at the may recall science center can't get a new number out. 98 dc. humidity is high. it is a dangerous heat index value, especially now, western counties, carroll county, western howard county, frederick. columbia, you have higher humidity levels there. oppressive heat indices. do what you can to stay cool. 90s the rest of the evening. we will talk about how hot it gets and how cool we get next week, coming up. >>> day 7, still no power, for more than 19,000 people in our area arundel, more than 1000 people in the dark. no power. baltimore, 10,000. more than 6000 people out in the city, and just under 200 without power in harford county. that's where we find cheryl conner. it is day 7 without power for some people in the forest hill area. how are the people dealing in this extreme heat with no power? >> reporter: harford was not one of the hardest hit
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